11 Responses to “I Herd That”

  1. Kaylee

    My stepsister’s border collie would try to herd all of us kids — literally nipping our ankles to ensure all kids were in one corner of the backyard.

    Our parents eventually signed her up for twice weekly sheep herding – yes! They exist!! – lessons.

  2. Anika

    I have 2 border collies…so double the herding. People, Lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners are on their list. They even surround my car and herd it into the garage!

  3. Carolyn

    Years ago I had an Australian Shepherd that would crouch in the herding position and creep toward oncoming dogs every time I took her for a walk. It was so embarrassing!

  4. jodi

    When we were kids (and still to this day) my aunt had collie dogs. My favorite was a sable colored one. He and her shepherd dog used to chase us kids around the house and if we couldn’t jump onto the sofa fast enough we would get nipped in the butt! Both dogs are now long gone but we still chuckle about it.

  5. Katherine

    When my mother’s Sheltie/Collie was a puppy, there was one particular bush in her front yard that he constantly to tried to herd. 🙂


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