5 Responses to “I love you Chiquita Banana!”

  1. Rebecca

    I have a bigger one of those haha Just wait til he can steal things off the back of the countertops with all four feet on the floor. Or when he can stand on his hind legs and steal things off the top of the refrigerator with ease. My baby boy is only 2 and I’m still learning where not to put things. Good luck 🙂

  2. Cupcake

    Soon this pup will be able to reach the food hidden on top of the fridge!!! What a gorgeous boy!!

  3. Karen

    I have two of those. They could rest their chins on the counter top at 10 months. Nothing is safe from a Dane puppy. Nothing.

  4. Kate Shields

    My 6 month old can rest his chin on my highest counter already. I’ve already taken to sticking food on top of the fridge or microwave to keep it away from my counter surfer!


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