14 Responses to “It’s not okay to poop in the bathroom?”

  1. foster mommy

    i have a ‘pee’ rug… just in case its rainy, or may start to rain, or the possibility of rain, or a cloud in the sky, or….

  2. Nancy K. Gardner Shute

    The garage at our house. Dachshunds don’t like to drag their junk through the cold, wet grass.

  3. Carla Garrison

    Way better than a rug easy to flush with a toilet paper pick up and a disinfectant wipe

  4. Stressfactor

    I must remember this. I wonder if I could get my Rat Terrier to do this. Last year when we had massive snowstorms I had to get out and shovel a big, special area for her to go poop in. Her pooping in the tub would actually be less work….


    Hahahaha! My dog had diarrhea one day and did the same thing. Was so proud at how smart he was!


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