9 Responses to “I use my mouth to try everything”

  1. Sachi'sMom

    Yeah, I’ve got one of those Shiba/Devil dogs-I feel your pain! And Good Mommy! Beautiful doggie.

  2. Andrea

    My dachshund mix Bean is always picking stuff up off the NYC streets!! Fortunately I have BarkCare and free calls to the pet poison hotline – don’t know what I would do without them!

  3. kaigeekai

    You are lucky to have found it before it was swallowed! My dog once swallowed a needle and after a frantic search for the needle (surely he could not have swallowed it!) and a very expensive vet visit (in which we saw the needle perfectly aligned in his colon via x-ray), he pooped it out with the thread still attached.

  4. KG

    My dog ate a sewing needle a couple of months ago. The vet had to manually pry it out of her backside. Apparently it didn’t do any damage or hurt her at all until she tried to pass it, and THAT was when things got really hairy! Thankfully she was totally fine as soon as it was taken out, but it was a close call. Gotta watch those little wannabe-seamstresses, they can’t be trusted!


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