5 Responses to “It tastes better that way”

  1. bobbie Grumbling

    This just cracks me up…. The best thing about Dogshaming is that I no longer am under the illusion that my babies are the only ones who do things like this because I raised them wrong! Yes I am a good mom and they are good kids….just very entertaining like all the other babies in the world! LOL

  2. Eve

    I love this! I use to have a Shih Tzu that would carry every bite she got out of her bowl to the carpet and eat it that way. Beagle mix we have now love table food and if you put some in her bowl she takes the food out to get to the good stuff but won’t eat the dog food unless it’s in her bowl. Leaves a big mess! So to each their own!

    • whylie2010

      I had a dog that did the same thing! He took pieces out five at a time and carried them to the carpet to eat. It was like doggy OCD.

  3. Jakey's mum

    That is not a basset hound — it’s an IMPOSTER. All bassets — like my Jakey — inhale any and all food instantaneously. And a lot of non-food — post it notes, toilet paper, magazines, etc — too!

    Ali’s certainly adorable though!!!


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