19 Responses to “Kona’s Teething Rings”

  1. Heather

    Undoubtedly just the beginning of a lifetime of “shaming”. You’re such a cutie Kona!

  2. Kathleen J Wells

    I know there will be a bunch of naysayers who attack this, but…. Carrots. Devlyn adored them when he was teething, and still likes them. They are cool, firm but give, and have flavour. A perfect teething chew.

    • mydogsmom

      My dogs love carrots! I actually have to give them the peels or I get sad puppy dog eyes.

      • Kathleen J Wells

        Yup. We call Devlyn the fruit & veggie dog. He begs harder for strawberry tops than for meat! He loved frozen peas when he was teething, too, and cucumber, but has mostly lost his taste for those. Still loves strawberry tops, carrots, watermelon rinds (don’t worry, he doesn’t get enough to give him the poops), etc. Anything cool & juicy.

    • madisonpage

      Will that work still even though we always include it in all of our chewer’s meals? Thus far, she had gnawed on shoes, inserts, papers, carpet, CDs, chair feet (she chews on the plastic cover of the casters wheels, bed sheets, and coasters. She has plenty of chew toys and antlers. She had never done when we first adopted her at 6 months old. She turned into a chewer of things just for the past 4 months. She is a 14 month old 15 lbs mutt.

  3. Angel Della Notte

    My pit / lab mix liked chewing on the wall when he was teething, I got him some marrow bones to chew on and he left the wall alone. I got pretty good at patching drywall though.

  4. Lily

    But Kona is so freaking cute! We are super lucky in that my dog never had a destructive teething stage.


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