11 Responses to “Maggie’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts”

  1. Mella Jacobs

    I use coconut oil on my hands and feet and my dog goes crazy…she wants to lick me…I don’t know what coconut has in it that is so appealing to dogs but WOOF there it is!

  2. Angela Gustafson

    Assuming that it didn’t contain any surfactants or petroleum ingredients (mineral oil) it might just get digested. Coconut oil and sugar are perfectly edible…and delicious!

  3. jodi

    Our pug mix leaves every other body product alone but ate about half my bottle of cocoa butter. Then proceeded to hide the evidence in her kennel under the blankets.

  4. figsfigs

    Our boxer goes crazy for any body lotion or body oil. I really can’t use any body lotion around him because he licks it all off. Weirdo.


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