8 Responses to “Marty hates grills”

  1. Leslin

    awwwww poor sweetheart!!! I have a scaredy cat.. errr dog too!! while not small in size like this baby, she is also easily spooked by the simplest of things!!

  2. redthang914

    Poor Baby, I have had dogs that were afraid of the simplest things, i.e. can opener etc. Also of big things, like the sweeper. My dog I currently have, Maggie isn’t afraid of anything and when I run the sweeper I practically have to push her out of the way. She is 11 lbs. and a darling and wouldn’t hurt a flea, but for all appearances she is one tough pooch….LOL .

  3. Gerri

    My baby goes for a walk twice a day, morning & evening. On the night before trash pick up, one of my neighbors puts out 2-3 bags of trash instead of a can. Levi will stop, walk, stop, walk, stop – then walk way around them. Black trash bags 😀

  4. Rosenmops

    Some dogs have very sensitive hearing. When visiting my daughter, my dogs plus her dogs together made a lot of noise barking when they went out in the yard, so I bought one of those bird-house shaped devices that makes a high-pitched sound when a dog barks (too high pitched for humans to hear). There were six dogs altogether, and apart from my pug Mely, the other dogs didn’t even notice the device and paid no attention to it. It didn’t stop the barking at all. But poor Mely was completely shattered by the noise. She was reduced to a shivering, terrorized heap. I found her hiding under the porch. As soon as we realized what was happening we got rid of the anti-barking device.

    Now I think those devices should never be used. Even if your own dogs aren’t frightened by them there may be a neighbours dog within ear-shot who is being terrorized when the device is set off by some other dog’s bark. That was 6 or 7 years ago and Mely still gets nervous in my daughter’s back yard, fearing the noise will return.

  5. Maddie's mom

    My dog doesn’t like it (whines and paces) when I cook on the stove for the same reason!


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