22 Responses to “Mom needs wine and I need a tranquilizer!”

  1. Liz

    That has got to be THE most precious sad face I have ever seen! Poor Porter….I wish I could give him a virtual hug! What a doll!

  2. Patricia L. Ballard

    We had a Basset that got kicked out of numerous groomers. He was fine until they touched his nails.

  3. Karen

    Try putting a Thunder Shirt on him. We have to do that with our Boston Terrier. Both my husband and I can’t hold her down for the groomer without the shirt on!

  4. Kim

    What kind of meds do you give him- OTC or prescription? I have the same problem with my 11 year old dachshund- she is such a sweet dog but goes nuts when you touch her nails. Very cute dog btw 🙂

  5. corgi's rock

    Whata face. Made my day. Porter may your next visit be less stressful. Poor baby. Mom you too.

  6. Rosie Posey

    I read a fascinating blog post about dog nails and the importance of keeping them short. Maybe some tips can be gleaned from the video embedded in the blog post?

  7. TJ

    We have a DDB who shares Porter’s opinion on nail trimming. To make it worse, while Bruno was running and playing with kids he caught his dew claw and tore it. No surprise, athletically nimble, he is not! He had to be knocked out while the vet fixed it. Since then, he is a nightmare to deal with when you try to trim his nails, especially his dew claws. Which grow like weeds! I don’t tranquilize him, he reacts VERY badly to anything like that. I just wait till he is sound asleep- he rolls onto his back- I stand over him, grab a paw and get done what I can. He’s such a love, so cuddly and the sweetest dog ever, but strong as a bull, so forget about holding him tight to get at something. Not happening! He also reacts the same way to any type of spray bottle or ointment coming at him. I try to convince him a lovely grooming spray just makes him smell better, but he isn’t buying it.

  8. Csweetie

    you can get take home tranq’s.. ???????i’ve been trying for a year to cut my 45 # pits nails and haven’t gotten one. take three of us plus the groomer to hold him down and he pee’s. makes horrific noises. eyes go blood shot.. and he shreds..

  9. Jamie Smolinski

    LOL! My Redbone Coonhound won’t allow anyone to trim her nails either. It takes 2 tranquilizers and SIX vet assistants to hold her down for a trim. Sometimes she even bites her own dew claws off! I get her running on concrete every day and that keeps them filed down at a manageable level. They are such brats but we love them!


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