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  1. redthang914

    Well, I think Louie is absolutely wonderful and who said only a Mama can love their “babies”. Daddies do too and I think Louie is a super great Dad!!! I’ve had male dogs before and they can be every bit (sometimes more so) as loving and caring as a female (in all species for that matter….LOL).

  2. Michelle

    My male golden retriever, Cody, loved babies. He would have made a good daddy if he hadn’t been neutered.

    • Tinky

      my buddy’s dog absolutely adored puppies. he’s even react to puppies on tv and cry because he couldn’t touch them <3. He did end up becoming a puppy daddy though, so he did get the chance. and did well :3

  3. Jennifer Dokes

    I help transport rescue animals, recently took a momma, her 7 newborns pups and the momma’s boyfriend, presumably the daddy to the pups (they were picked up together off the streets) They were kenneled together at the shelter even when she was delivering the pups. When it came time to get them to their rescue, we had to put Daddy in a separate crate to get them there. He was stressed out and barking for the whole ride. He hated being away from momma and the babies. As soon as we got to the rescue and them into their new kennel, he was just fine. Checked on all the babies and momma, laid down and went to sleep. 🙂

  4. Barbara

    He just wants to protect and nurture. And we can never have too much love in this tragic world. Please give that dear Louie a kiss for me.

  5. Cindy

    My dachshund, Peanut, does this with his toys too! He carries them around, places them by his food bowl, and makes sure that their tucked in to bed each night with us. He’s so crazy! : )

  6. Jeanie Jernigan

    I have a male pit bull who adopted a litter of 4 orphaned kittens when he was 4 months old.. they were LESS than 2 weeks old!! while I bottle fed them, he cleaned them & stimulated the other end so things would work properly!!! he’s the best Mama/Daddy ever!!!!


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