16 Responses to “My Artist”

  1. Donna Parlee

    One of the best Shaming I have seen ever !
    The face, the words, the crayons and the corner.

  2. Lisa

    Such a cute dog. My daughter recently sent me a picture of a rainbow poop left by her Lab. My first thought was it was an Easter Egg then realized what it was.

  3. Pucker Up

    We do this with Christmas ornaments: not only is it multi-colored, but it freaking glows and sparkles!

  4. morse

    Perfecto!! Our Golden Retriever Baki (short for Baklava) R.I.P. ate a small bowl of Hershey’s Kisses™ The funny thing was pulling into the driveway at night and seeing the reflection of the headlights in the foil wrapper in the poop!

  5. marianne zubire

    I love it! Pugs are the cutest sweetest most loving loyal dogs in the world!


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