10 Responses to “Poop Vomit”

  1. Mimi

    That doggie is the spitting image of my dog Betty. Betty also loves to eat poop. I wish I could break her of the habit…

  2. Heather

    Why is it dogs can eat the most disgusting things, but 1/2 a candy bar can kill them???? She looks like she’s yelling for more poop.

  3. dnsimmons

    It’s so traumatizing when you see your pup poop and then turn around to eat it. It so gross. I stopped my “Big Baby” from doing it for the most part. Every once in a while, he gets the urge. LOL

  4. Tami

    After my Cocker, Dudley started doing that I had nightmares where I dreamed I had a mouthful of poop. It was traumatizing!


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