8 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Gaelin”

  1. Barbara l hayes

    Can they not do cataract surgery for him? I just finished both my eye…. Can they not do it for a dog?

  2. Norche

    At almost 14, I just can’t stand the thought of surgery. He gets around well, and still plays ball at least 2 hours every day. I’m just thankful he’s as healthy as he is! Scotties aren’t THE most long lived breed there is. When he was about 7 we got bored of just “throwing” his tennis ball for him, and started hiding it. Glad we did because being able to use his nose to find his ball (that he loves more than life itself!) is part of what keeps him active at his age. I have several other Scotties, but he’s the total love of my life 😀


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