9 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Pono”

  1. BEKinFL

    Doesn’t look too ashamed to me. Maybe just looks a bit disappointed that the bread pudding is all gone.

  2. Ellie

    Pona is so concerd for you she wanted to make sure you ate healthy, not to say bread pudding is bad, I love it, but she wanted you to eat an apple instead, She took all the calories for you.

  3. Sharon

    Member of Dinet here myself thanks to Dysautonomia. My 16 year old Maltese, however, is absolutely useless and often gets underfoot and trips me since my balance is so bad. I think if anything, I’m her assistance human.

  4. MSW

    Sweet Pono! Growing up, my husband had a dog named Lucy who would wake him up when he was fixing to have a seizure. Even before one started, she just knew. She wasn’t a trained assistance dog, but Lucy was always there when her people needed her!

  5. Carolyn

    I have POTS as well. My 10 lb bichon frise taught herself how to signal me to sit down when I am going to faint.

  6. Haley

    What a fitting name. “Pono” is Hawaiian for doing/being good, right, helpful, justly, kindly, so on and so forth. Lovely name for a service dog 🙂 Such a sweet face!

  7. Matt

    I also have POTS. I have Adrenergic POTS but luckily I don’t faint. My dog still can’t tell when I am sick even when I am drenched in sweat and ghost white.

  8. Louise

    So nice to hear that he helps you when you are about to faint. I also have POTS and faint. I have never tried to see if our dogs can tell if I am about to faint. I will try to see if they can warn me. I recently fractured my cheek and got a black eye after fainting at my daughters school play.

  9. Victoria Lister

    I have CRPS and Dysautonomia and I am awaiting tilt table testing for POTS. We lost our Lab last year but he could always tell if I was having a bad day. Good luck in the contest.


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