16 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Rex”

  1. Sarah

    That is such a sweet story on so many levels! I LOVE the photo. I can see how he makes you laugh ;o)

  2. Dee

    LOVE your pic, Rex! What an expression!!! They caught ya right outta the tub! No privacy? *geesh*
    Awesome rescue story, Mom & Dad! I can certainly see the love & laughter! xx

  3. Lisa

    Good job, Rex, you make strangers on the Internet laugh too! Hope someone is giving you treats and belly rubs right now.

  4. Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing this goofy picture that brought a smile to my face! We rescued our own little guy off the street and he has become the “darling” at the dog park. Everybody loves Dudley! The ones rescued off the street are the best!

  5. Barbara

    Yes, it’s once again a question of who rescued whom.
    Thank you for sharing this particular bundle of love, oh, I mean “dog.”

  6. Spider's mum

    Thank you Rex, you made me laugh too. And thanks, Reverse Dog Shaming. The obvious love and affection the owners have for their (usually) mutts has been a joy to behold.


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