14 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Seven”

  1. mary jane

    I had a beagle mix when my son was an infant, she immediately decided he was HER child not ours. When he had a dirty diaper we called her the poop detector, she would sniff his butt , then put her nose under his butt and kinda push him inch by inch towards whoever was closest, hence the poop detector. She also got very sick one day by getting into a disposable diaper that had those absorbing beads in it. She ate some of the diaper, then puked all day. She had her intestines in an uproar, and we had to cook her watery rice in chicken broth for 2 weeks until she could stomach something else. I loved that little girl she was 18 when we lost her, she had cushings for years, For the last 3 years was fat, bald, incontinent and unable to move her back legs, but she was not in pain thank God, and always had a lick and a smile for everyone.

    • MrsDouble

      Awww, this reminds me of my basset. She would circle my bed while I lay there, exhausted, after work and during “morning sickness” during my early pregnancy, whining with concern. Then, she would do the same once my daughter was born, while she lay sleeping on our bed as an infant, Violet would circle the bed whining whenever she would cry. She lived to be 14 (many surgeries, eye specialists, skin issues, a period of no walking on her back legs, etc.,) and I miss her terribly even though it’s been 8 years since she passed away.

  2. Andrea

    It’s so wonderful that the new human baby boy or girl will get to have a dog in his/her life! I think all children should have dogs… and all dogs should have children!!

  3. kiki50

    Seven, you are adorable. You remind me of Penny, who knows when my blood sugar drops on walks, and refuses to budge until I turn back home.

  4. Beagle Lover

    Beagles are the best, I grew up with a beagle mix and now have two beagles, they just love kids and are so full of love! What a lucky baby you are going to have, you will have to post a picture once the baby gets here with the beagle.


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