24 Responses to “Reverse Dog Shaming Contest: Zoe”

  1. Alice

    A couple years ago, my dog was sick and needed 3 blood transfusions. She pulled through and recovered completely. Zoe, you and dogs like you are my heroes!

  2. laurieisabel

    Is it true that dogs and cats do not have the “blood types” of humans – as in dogs or cats are universial donors for their species? Makes me wonder why humans evolved blood types?

  3. Molly

    Oh Zoe, you certainly are super dog. Your mom is super as well for rescuing you. You are both super heroes in my book. Bless your hearts.

  4. Kristi & Stitch

    As a dog who’s needed that special & healthy blood all her life ( her sister has Addison’s & cannot donate) Stitch would like to love,kiss,&thank you very,very much! As her Mommy I would love to kiss you & all the other dogs forever! THANK YOU! <3


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