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  1. Jen S.

    This is for outside, maybe it’ll work inside?? Anyone ever suggest putting her food dish, or any food/water dish in the areas Sally’s’ using as a toilet. Believe it or not, that’s how we taught our Kyra to stop using a certain area of the yard for her poopies. We literally started feeding her there. They won’t poop where they eat & drink. 🙂 HI SALLY……you look so cute regardless. Good luck!

  2. Paula

    Might I suggest tile? Much easier to clean and area rugs are much cheaper to replace. I just put in tile that looks like hardwood. Area rugs are coming soon.

  3. Kaylee

    Get an indoor dog potty — it’s made of fake plastic grass and pretty cheap at any petsmart or Walmart-type store.

  4. Ginger Z

    I had to rip up my carpet and lay vinyl and laminate flooring throughout. Also, the pee-pads they use in hospitals and nursing homes (you can wash and bleach them) are very helpful. I feel for you.

    • Elaine

      DEFINITELY ~ I have used animal communicators for many many years whenever I had issues with a pet or pets and after letting the animal express itself the problem was resolved.

  5. Mimi

    She’s a beagle. Stubborn is their middle name. Oh, and I taught my Chihuahua to use puppy pads. Big mistake, now she will actually come in from OUTSIDE to pee on the pads. Or near the pads. Or whatever. 🙁

  6. Jennifer H.

    Not sure how much you know about Beagles, but Stubborn is their middle name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lori Boytinck

    She will come around. My beagle was TERRIBLE until she was two…and is also scared of cats! Once they feel confident, the things they can learn is endless! Be sure to reward her (food is probably best…she is a beagle after all!) every time she pees/poos outside. I did this with my beagle and now she will pee on command…perfect for when we are traveling with her and need her to have a quick pit stop!! (she’s a farm dog now…used to roaming on her own!) Good luck!! <3 Beagles!!!

  8. Ryn

    I know Beagles can be stubborn little hounds, but have you noticed any signs of anxiety? If she’s scared of the cat she may be anxious all the time which can lead to potty issues. My half-a-hound had so much trouble getting potty trained, even after his extensive de-worming, but when we got him his anti-anxiety meds it was day and night. After a week on the pills he was a much happier doggy and was much better at doing his business outside 🙂

  9. Pucker Up

    Use steak. Or lunch meat. Seriously high end treats – that’s how I trained my girl. Gotta say, they are smart, and yes, you have to out-stubborn them!! Stay out until she goes. Good luck!!!

  10. Jodi

    My 5 year old beagle has potty accidents all the time. They are really hard to train. My beagles potty accidents are directly linked to her anxiety.

  11. george

    Yeah, beagles can be super stubborn. Part of it will be Timing. Timing her “go out” time for the right time after you fed her. Also helps to use the rag/towel you used go clean up, outside. This helps tell her “do this, here”.
    But it really can be a test of the wills, and people do win, most of the time.

  12. Cindy

    My Gal Sal is right now having the same problem. She’s a bed wetter too. I was just holding her and she peed on me! She is very smart, I don’t know what the heck the problem is. We have gone back to crating her at night because I am tired of the rug shampooing.

  13. Corgi momma

    Try taking her water and food away an hour before bed. And taking her out before you go to bed and again first thing in the morning. Maybe she has a weak bladder?

  14. HelpfulCollector

    Have hope!!

    We adopted Oakley, a border terrier from a rescue org. Even though he was a year and a half old, he was never potty trained (sadly the case with some sheltered dogs).
    He didn’t understand that he was even doing anything wrong. I read articles that said it can take time adjusting to home, other pets, everything. We learned his schedule be writing down everytime he went for a day and stuck to his schedule. Then we gave him treats as rewards and tons of praise. It took about 2 months but he eventually built up bowel and bladder control! Try anti icky poo for the carpets, floors etc. And taking away the water bowl 2 hours before bed. Good luck!

  15. Brad

    Poor little guy. Sorry about your carpets. It’s a small price to pay for what you’ll receive. (I’m walking the beagle-talk.)

  16. Doug

    Beagles *NEVER* have any issues .. but when they do, they just look at you and we melt ..

    And this is coming from a Beagle’s Pet .. (He’s the master .. LOL .. well he thinks he is!)

  17. Dena

    yes, beagles are very sweet, but hard to house train, she can still smell the spot no matter how well you clean it, you could try to clean with a neutralizer, it worked with my beagle and now she rarely has accidents or on purposes. But once you get past this, you will see that you’ve picked quite a good little companion and family member!

  18. super villain beagle

    I completely understand your pain. My four yr old beagle is difficult too. She was born in a puppy mill and learned at an early age that material soaks up urine. Peeing on her bed and carpet is normal. Argh!


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