21 Responses to “Shaming Lemur”

  1. Maria

    His black marks on the face makes him look worried hes adorable!!! is like he is saying “ohh no”

  2. catie

    I probably would have peed my pants trying to rescue the mouse, I’d be freaking out about the well being of the poor toilet mouse lol. Amazingly cute cat as well!

  3. Heather

    Are you sure Lemur did it? Our local mice seem to think the toilet is a great place to go for a swim…..if only there was a teeny tiny pool ladder to get out.

  4. george

    Odd looking dog. But, it’s a mouse mom. Basically a small rat, flush the toilet.
    I spent money killing my mice, you had that funny looking dog helping you.

  5. Anne

    My first thought when I saw the cat was, “He looks like Martin Scorsese!” Very handsome kitty!

  6. Alice

    Absolutely adorable cat! LOVE his face! I once had a cat leave half a dead mouse on my kitchen counter while she gazed down at me from the top of the fridge. Took an entire gallon of clorox before I could use the counter again. A live mouse swimming in the potty was actually quite courteous of Lemur.


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