5 Responses to “Shower Licker”

  1. Leslin

    These cute little creeps clearly like something about water on our body 😀 There have been countless instances where I have washed my hands and legs clean with SOAP, only to come out and have my sweet girl lick the water off of them!! 😛

  2. catie

    Awww, my cat Sienna does that. Quite odd. She’ll stop doing it if she knows she’s being watched tho lol

  3. Lisa

    I too wonder why they do that. I had two German Shepherd Dogs that both liked
    to lick the shower walls when wet yet hated getting in the shower when THEY were getting a shower.

  4. Amy

    My dog does the exact same thing! He waits happily outside of the shower waiting anxiously to lap up the excess.


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