19 Responses to “Shower Stalker”

  1. Judi

    I think it’s a wire-haired fox terrier. Which makes sense to me cause my wire haired always stalked me in the shower, then liked to lick the soapy water… Go figure!

  2. redthang914

    I just think its’ the dogs personality and not the breed as I had a Tzi Shu that liked that too and when I stepped out of the shower, she would lick the water off my legs like she was drying me dog style!!!!

  3. Debra Elias

    I have a black lab that hides in the shower during storms. He also jumps in just when ever he wants and I am in there showering. And he likes to lick the soap too….weirdo. He is so funny.

  4. Erica

    I have a poodle who will lick my legs when I get out of the shower if I let him. The cat will do it, too!

  5. Mary-Alice

    My Whippet used to do that. He would peek around the shower curtain. I also had a poodle that ate the bubbles in my bubble baths. He would hang around outside the door until somebody let him in to the bathroom. I never had any peace…..from the kids or the dogs. But ya gotta love the furbabies for their devotion.

  6. ae

    My (rescue) Lab would do that a lot, especially when I first got him. I think he was worried there was a secret door hidden behind the shower curtain I would use to try to escape. Even years later, once he realized there wasn’t a door in the shower, he’d lie down just outside the bathroom and wait for me to step out, although I think that was so he could lick my legs and maybe sneak a taste of the forbidden post-shower moisturizer.

    • LorLu

      My rescue lab/ border collie does the exact same thing. He sleeps on the bath mat until I’m done then licks my legs. Such goof balls!

  7. Deacon Stewart

    What breed is this?! I have a rescue Welsh Terrier from the Oregon Humane Society but his colors are much stronger black and tan. He loves to wait around in the bathroom in the morning and soak up human time before we leave for work.

  8. Holly

    We have a Lakeland Terrier who spends a significant part of her day waiting for me to put lotion on my legs so she can lick it off. Her best days are when I take two showers! More lotion!!!


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