15 Responses to “Sibling Love”

    • sue brightman

      …and I can see that he thinks its funny too by that smile 🙂 Poor Lilly let her know she has friends that understand!!

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    Well, you have to keep your days full, pup. Lol. That will give you a long and healthy life. Now you go get a treat and a kiss between the ears, for being an honest pup. Lol.

  2. Pat McDonald

    Aww – he is keeping their days full – not boring when he steals everything. That is a LAB – always the life of the party – Lily probably barks and nips at his paws (she is so little) yelling at him all the time – what else is a Lab to do? 🙂

  3. KrisB

    Is Lily a real dog? Looks more like a stuffed toy…for Hoagie, of course! From the looks of his face, Hoagie is in a perpetual state of Nirvana.

  4. madisonpage

    Lily looks just like our Miel (Maltese Poodle of a mutt). Miel hates her younger but physically bigger sister Chaka Khan. The latter always steals the former’s toys. And for that Miel always barks/yells at her sister in futile.

  5. Nessa

    I think this may be my favorite dog shaming ever! Just the looks on their faces! He’s totally unrepentant, she’s thoroughly disgusted. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Janet

    Poor Lily! My Jake and RJ are exactly the same. Jake is a small Pekingese and RJ is a Great Dane/Lab mix…Jake bites his ankles all the time and RJ tears up all of their toys collectively. But I wouldn’t have it any other way in my house! Love the picture, thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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