12 Responses to “Snow Cone Charlie”

  1. Jennifer Dokes

    Adorable! I’ve seen people color their dogs out of vanity, but at least this one was innocent fun and more than likely benefited a great charity.. Groomer shouldn’t judge. 🙂

  2. Toni

    So what if the color doesn’t come out. He is a cutie. If its that big of a deal, shave him down. Its just hair and will grow back.

  3. Jessica M.

    Oh my gosh! Did you run the Color Run in NJ a few weeks ago? If yes, we started in the same heat as you and totally snapped some photos of this little cutie! If not, then you have a serious twin doggie in NJ!

  4. dogsleder

    Our groomer has a white poodle who is wearing a different color on a different part every time we go there. Usually it’s his feet, but often also his topknot or a fancy swirly/colored trim on his back. SOME groomers aren’t snooty!!

  5. perezrcm

    We ran the ColorBlast at James Madison University in VA to benefit a local program. It was so much fun!

  6. Lisa Duskis

    Being the Devil’s advocate here, but they may have only been concerned about the potential toxicity to the dog from the coloured powder.

    But, they shouldn’t have judged.

    • perezrcm

      the powder was just flour and a little bit of food coloring!-completely harmless….just a pain to wash out =)


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