17 Responses to “So embarrassing!”

  1. george

    I had one one that liked to show off when he did it. He’d poop way up on trees, and make it stick. And he’d poop on the highest things around, like king of the hill. Can’t tell you many times I heard “Look at what that dog is doing!”

    • bluhare

      I’ve got one like that. He has pooped on shrub leaves (NOT on the ground but attached to the bush), stumps, fungi and, my least personal favourite — the wheels of my car.

  2. Trixie

    My doggie does a “crab walk” when she poops! She walks and poops at the same time. It’s hilarious.

    • jamie

      My dog does that too. she can’t poop staying still.. makes it harder to pick up poo-poo land… nuggets everywhere!

  3. KrisB

    Perfect photo — the bold, unashamed Myles, and the bashful, embarrassed Layla. What darlings!

  4. boomchuckpixyniki

    My girl loves to burst into an ecstatic butt-tuck run after kicking tracks behind her toward her fresh pile. That’s one of those times I laugh and call her “Weirdo.” 😉


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