12 Responses to “Thanks for the breakfast, but what are you going to eat?”

  1. Shawn

    Hopefully he doesn’t mistake his tongue for a piece of bacon! But it wasn’t his fault! NO ONE can turn down french toast and bacon!! Good boy, Frank!

  2. Melanie Millet

    Good for you Frank! You ate a pound of bacon that fast with that wonky tongue? You should be in the Doggy Hall of Fame.

  3. Deanna

    His tongue! I love his tongue. Does it hang out like that all the time? I had a dog with a similar “condition” and her tongue would get all dried out.

  4. Lindsay

    He is adorable! When I first got my English bulldog from a rescue, his nose looked just like Frank’s. Now I pop open an oral vitamin E gel with a pin everyday and rub it all over his nose. All the “scabbing” is gone and he can breath and smell like a champ!


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