11 Responses to “The Graduate”

  1. Tambra Galid

    I am a groomer and I worked on a bloodhound who decided my purse was the thing to steal. He somehow slipped his leash, grabbed my handbag and took it back to his kennel. I was laughing to hard to ever try to scold him.

    • mary

      She reminds me of our lab who absolutely loves paper and cardboard. Every box that is delivered to the house he thinks is for him. I have to remind him that he can have the box after we know the item does not need to be returned. Like Daisy I can’t resist his big brown eyes! He’s our personal shredded that doesn’t need to be plugged in.

    • Leslin

      Mine happens to be a tissue-holic! any kind of tissues, napkins, etc-new, used, doesn’t matter!


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