9 Responses to “Too Smart for his Own Good!”

  1. Leslin

    Now what we have here is pure GENIUS at work!!! 😀 and the look he is giving that poor cast!! 😛

    PS:Tried a cone of shame? wonder what effect that would produce 😉

  2. Ruth

    Aw, poor baby! My dog was surprisingly good about not ripping off her cast, except every time it was recasted she would tear it a bit at the top — it think she didn’t want it too tight.

  3. Juls

    Yep, my old dog Kona also did that three times when she broke her leg – she even chewed through the cone-of-shame to get to it. Three re-casts, hundreds of dollars in vet fees, not to mention the, er, tummy problems caused be eating the plaster… She didn’t look ashamed either. 🙂


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