7 Responses to “Whoops, Cooper!”

  1. Denise Weldon

    Maybe you should gives them Cesar Milan’s instruction for behavior when first meeting a dog: No touch, no talk, no eye contact. Might work!

    • boomchuckpixyniki

      Easier said than done… my lab-heeler mix does the same thing, and as soon as people see her butt wiggling, no amount of “please wait until she calms down so she doesn’–er, pee everywhere, like that. *sIgh*” seems to work. 🙂 She’s got the world’s friendliest dog face, and I’m fairly sure that making eye contact with her makes people go deaf. 😉 It’s the one area we’re only just beginning to make progress in–she’s really become much more manageable in every other area in the last year or so, as Cesar’s methods finally got through her stubborn, little head. lol

      • Julie

        I have the same problem with my jack cross. People just see and automatically just go down for the cuddle. I’m as bad when I see an adorable doggy …


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