12 Responses to “Why can’t my ears fly free?”

  1. Kelly Butler

    So cute! My 12 year old Lab, Prissy, LOVES hanging her head out the car window, too! But she knows how to put the window down. Regardless of the weather…..rain, snow, sleet, freezing cold….she insists on putting the window down & making the humans suffer while she enjoys her ears flying free. :o)

    • Anita

      That’s why I have to lock the automatic windows in my car! Or else my puggle rolls them down herself too!

      • jodi

        Our puggle loves her ears flopping in the breeze. She stands on the window frame and stick her whole upper body out the window if you let her.

  2. Clauddette

    Our dobberman(Floppy Eared,not cut)insisted on open windows, so we would turn the heater on so he could enjoy the fresh air. Open windows in Canada got us some weird looks in winter.

  3. Michelle

    haha, my corgi loves having the window down but won’t stick his head out unless we are doing less than 30 km.

  4. george

    My dog does this too. Funny, she does it more the closer we get to home.
    The vents are still connected to the outside even though throw ac may be off.
    And rest assured, a beagles nose is sensitive enough to smell outside even if the were closed off.

  5. Brad

    My boy Brookse, the world’s greatest beagle!… I used to roll the window down no matter how cold. You’ll notice the word, “roll”. Not power. In an old Bronco. Big truck. Once the window went down, there was no rolling it up until we got where we were going. And in such a big truck, the 30 year old heater barely worked. -20 outside was -20 inside. He loved it and I loved him, so…. RIP Brookse.


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