21 Responses to “Alfie’s way of getting out of trouble”

    • Laura

      Nope, mine definantly stares at me and dares me to say something about it. Ah, the life a terrier owner!

  1. Irisa

    How can you not forgive him with a belly like that just demanding a tickle! Such a cutie

  2. Dana

    Aw – what a cute face you have, Alfie! My hound does the same thing when he has been a stinker, and he also does it when it is time to go inside and he doesn’t want to. Distraction by belly rub!

  3. Elizabeth

    Is that a Brussels Griffon baby? His face looks like mine (now 11 years) and Tai Ni STILL pulls this ploy at every opportunity.

  4. Smash Lynn

    First off, that face is just too cute for words….. Secondly, Daniel Aflredsson of the Ottawa Senators (well, now he is with Detroit….jerk) is my favorite hockey player so Alfie scores many points in my book!


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