14 Responses to “Baby puts Darcy in the corber”

  1. Betsy

    Don’t really want to lecture, but work in dog rescue. If this dog bites the child in fear, it will be the dog that will pay the price. Please don’t let the baby crawl over and pull on the dog.

  2. MT

    Yikes! I really hope that dog can be trusted. I was reading a manual about dog behaviour after I adopted a dog from a shelter who turned out to have severe separation anxiety. There happened to be a section about dogs who show aggression to babies and young children. It described two types of dog who attack children/ babies. One type was an obviously aggressive/ possessive dog who would attack anybody (especially a child pulling it’s tail or trying to take a toy from the dog), and the other was a dog with a strong desire to chase/ catch prey (and doesn’t necessarily distinguish between babies/ children and other prey animals such as squirrels or rabbits). The second type of dog may have never attacked a person before (hence the “he’s never done anything like this before” comment that parents often make), however this type of dog may not realise that a baby/ child is a person as they look, sound, smell and act differently from adults. So even if your dog is not aggressive towards people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are automatically ok around babies and small children (especially if said children are loud ear or tail pullers)! That dog in the photo looks very frightened and I sincerely hope an accident doesn’t happen in that home!!!

    • Roz

      Thanks for this insight, I have a new born grandchild and a dog that showed the same interest as he does the squirrels which was worrying. Needless to say they won’t be spending too much time together. He is fine with the 3 year old. This explains a lot.

  3. B

    Darcy is your baby too! Please imagine this situation reversed.
    This photo is not cute. This photo should be a warning to you.


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