10 Responses to “Bad Landscaper”

  1. Auntie Em

    Grass is highly over-rated! It can be replaced. The love of a puppy? Not so easily.

  2. Sylvia

    That looks like my backyard! I once had grass but traded in for my akita/st bernard mix. Never looked back. Made the best decision ever.


    I would not worry too much about the grass,

    just wait until you have water in the pool behind him !

  4. Ann Y.

    This looks similar to my backyard, although there are still a couple of patches of grass left. When it rains, it looks like the Great Lakes where there is no grass. My yard looked great until I got Radar 🙂

  5. Sue

    My dog not only ruined the grass, she ate the air conditioner, some sideing off the house, bottom off my privacy fence,
    water hoses and the dryer vent which was first to go. Guess what, I still have her and I still love my Lady Bug. she is a mixed breed, Lab, Bulldog and beautiful. P.S her favorite treat is carrots, she gets two each day.

  6. madisonpage

    Grass? He shaves the utility bills and the yard maintenance expenses. Smart doggie! Isn’t Akita a Japanese hunting and guard dog of Samurais? Lots of exercise and agility is in order 😉


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