10 Responses to “Darwin enjoys a drive-by barking.”

  1. Jill

    I have two foster dogs right now who bark like crazy every time they see someone holding a sign on a corner. It’s so embarrassing!

  2. jamie

    my dog used to bark or growl at moving cars on the road. she would try to bite them as they went past….
    the good ol days when Nicki was young….

  3. Carla

    This sounds exactly like our Luna! We went for ice cream a few weeks ago, and while we were stopped at a stoplight on our way home, she let a grandma & her 2 2 grandchildren crossing the street that they better not even THINK about getting in our car

  4. Carla

    There were only 2 grandchildren, not 22. And I think I missed a “know” in there, too…

  5. Castiliana

    *passes Carla the coffee pot* My Lucy also enjoys the occasional Bark drive-by. Very cute pup!

  6. cookie

    The 16th was my birthday.My minpin Koko went ballistic as I was changing my clothes getting ready for sleep(11pm).It sorta scared me because I thought someone must be at door.I finally devised it was my balloon tied to my pink walk//rollator.Too funny.

  7. Kathy Johnson

    Our Blue Heeler “Cooper” did that to an elderly lady on our street just as she walked out to the street and opened her mailbox! He was only about 10 feet away from her (riding shotgun) and it scared her to death!! Oh God, how I miss my Cooper!!!!


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