14 Responses to “Efficiently disgusting”

  1. Amanda

    hahaha! Aww that’s what I call a recycling multi-tasker. Why eat a clean tissue when its going to be dirtied up? DUH! haha

  2. Ann

    The pup is very cute. What a wonderful eyes. But his nails are big…it can hurt him 🙁

    • thepinklady

      Ann, I can see just from this picture that you could only take 1/4 inch off those nails tops before you cut the quick. Way to be judgmental.

      My dog likes tissues too! Any paper he can get his teeth on really! Hilarious caption!

      • barbara

        A quick that is overly long can actually be shortened – over time – by keeping what can be trimmed, trimmed. A quick that is too long comes from the nail not being trimmed over time. Very careful, bi-monthly trimming actually makes the quick shorten.

    • Caramelia

      My dog has long nails too, you can’t clip them as they’re alive to the end. Stop being so judgemental – that’s why we can’t have a nice peaceful internet!

  3. Jen S.

    See? An environmentally friendly doggie. We could all learn from him…….lol 🙂

  4. Shawn

    My boys eat dirty and clean tissues….they pull them out of the box! I never thought about the double duty of their “duty”! lol


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