15 Responses to “Find the lizard!!”

  1. Peggy

    Good for you, you caught a lizard. That’s not easy! There should be a biscuit in it for you.

  2. Laura

    Look at that smile! Proud pup! This seems to be a crowning achievement. I had a dog that would do that with mice.

  3. peanutpup

    Look at you!! Showing mommy that just because you got a little age under you belt and a little gray on you snout, that you can still run with the best of em and catch lizards!! You just wanted another little secret friend in the house to help keep you company. Good for you!!


      And what is wrong with him having a pet lizard ?

      I wonder who will end up feeding it and walking it !

  4. Christine Barry

    My dog did that with a chipmunk. When I tried to get her to catch it again and take it out, she looked at me like I was crazy.


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