5 Responses to “Full of [hot] air”

  1. Tammie

    My friends got me 40 balloons for my birthday and once my border collie, Andy popped one, he had to pop them all. He’s old and arthritic and doesn’t play much anymore, so I was actually pretty happy that he got a kick out of that (and my friends, being dog lovers, and lovers of my dog, totally understood.)

    • jamie

      I have a 17yr old senior that is arthritic bad and I love when I can get her to run with a spring in her step… All I gotta do is rub the top of her backside by her tail a little bit and she gets all excited… Glad your doggy liked the balloons!

  2. jamie

    Juno looks awfully guilty! But if you think he swallowed any balloon make sure it comes out the other side. I heard balloons can mess up the insides…


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