16 Responses to “Guess what I ate today!”

  1. Leslin

    I’m sure your human loves you to bits, nonetheless!!

    Are you thinking of eating that sign, by the way?? 😛 😀

  2. Shawn

    I agree with Trixie! Most people that could afford it, don’t! Hope you are going to vet school!!

  3. Heidi

    We had a cat like that and it seemed to be a vitamin deficiency. We switched her to a higher quality food like Science Diet and the eating of weird stuff mostly went away.

  4. chibichouette

    I feel your mom’s pain, kiddo! I have one like that too and it’s cost me a lot of money I did not have over the years… learned the hard way that if I look at something and think “no, he wouldn’t eat that, would he??” it means I have to pick it up and hide it FAST — because yes, they always will. eat. the. craziest. stuff.

    • Caramelia

      Well, at least you’ll have had a mighty tidy apartment / house while living with this cat – forced tidyness FTW!

  5. Vickie Anderson

    Let us know how we can help you! We have been there too. We have to help each other!!!

  6. laura

    I have a cat like that and am a completely broke graduate student, I have just had to learn to look at everything and think…”will he eat it?” “yes? then don’t buy it or keep it in a closet” “no? are you sure?..for sure, sure?… okay, then buy it”….. and tape is a big one for us too so I have to rip all the tape off any packages we get soon as they enter the house and put it in the bottom of the trash.

  7. K.Lee

    Looks exactly like one of my sister’s cats, the one who DOESN’T eat things. The one who does – also a long-haired cat, curiously – cannot resist anything fleecy, wooly, or yarny. He has eaten large sections of microfleece blankets. I believe cat and dogs especially like to sniff, eat, pee/poop on petroleum-based products (synthetic fabrics, plastics, anything finished with urethane) because they grab odors and hold onto them forever. It must be totally captivating for them!


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