12 Responses to “How to get your dog to poop money!!”

  1. LauraC

    You can at least piece the money back together and take it to the bank for replacement. I assume they still do that these days??? Anyway, at least everything is replaceable! 🙂 It was time for a new picture on the ID anyway, right? hahaha

  2. Lisa

    This dog. Is. ADORABLE. I am obsessed with every single thing about him, including his bandana and the chill way he’s looking at the remnants of his fun.

  3. Brenda

    Crispin should be a movie star! My pup once destroyed a bank debit card and a little bit of cash. I didn’t have to think more than a minute about which was more precious, the pup or the spending tools. We all know which we would choose.

  4. S

    I have the exact same dog. I have been told she is a Coton de Teluer. What kind of dog do we have?


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