28 Responses to “I ate a starfish!”

  1. toni

    He doesn’t care that he got caught. Nope, not one bit. What a face! I would give him smooches all the time even though he ate gross stuff.

  2. Woof!

    I’m starting to get bummed out by the judgmental comments on DS.
    YES, people have starfish as decoration. Good lord!

  3. Bonnie

    You can tell by that face that he is plotting his next Starfish attack! I hope you hid them good. 🙂

  4. Brenda

    This is one handsome fella! There must be something about dried starfish that dogs find especially appealing. This is the first I’ve heard of who actually ate one.

  5. Patricia Herrmann

    I am actually glad someone else’s dog did this as well as mine. I had a basket of wonderful natural objects such as bird’s nest, feathers, shells, and of course a dried starfish. Then the starfish disappeared when I put a dog in the room to keep him from running out the door when pizza was delivered. Dog ate the starfish.

  6. Sue

    My dog finds awesome shells and stuff on the beach (fortunately he doesn’t eat them). I don’t mind, but the rolling in dead fish thing has to stop.

    BTW – I love your wall color!

  7. corgi's rock

    Those big brown eyes. That innocent expression. No shame it that game. Beautiful dog.

  8. Laurie

    I just noticed my brand new starfish is missing and I have a dog…. 🙁 Darn it!! Boo!!


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