9 Responses to “I’m protesting this hairdo!”

  1. Lisa Dee

    I was walking by a car one day and the horn was going off. I got annoyed because I thought “why is that guy honking his horn at me” – when I looked more closely, I realized it was a DOG at the driving wheel! His owner came out and said to me “I wish he had never discovered how to use that thing!”

    So be thankful Bella hasn’t figured that one out …. ;p

  2. Rachael

    Poor girl! She’s probably protesting being left alone in the car. My little Stella (she’s also a Maltese) gets so mad when I don’t take her with me…

  3. Dr. ABC

    My maltese (now many years gone) loved stepping on electric things and causing them to turn on/off. I had lots of extra keystrokes I had to fix on my Master’s thesis because she was on my lap typing with me!


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