18 Responses to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    Oh puppy, you have a fun house. You are giving your family lots of together activitues. Lol. Now you go get a hug and a treat for that. Thats right, don’t give them a minute to sit and watch T.v. lol.

  2. Jgabbie

    Can completely relate. My pit bull puppy had to be on steroids, which made him have to pee a lot, when he was 11 weeks old and his favorite place to pee was down the AC vents on the floor. We had to clean the vents with a bleach solution and the house smelled like bleach for weeks in the summer.

  3. L

    Maybe you should have brought him out before he did! Maybe you suck as a parent. Maybe you should have a shame note. Shame on you!

    • Oleandra

      Wow someone needs to eat a Snickers bar. This is a DOG shaming site, not a “You suck, shame on you!” site. Seriously, shut off the internet and go outside or something. You’re taking all the fun out of it for everyone else.

    • Pups

      Really, L. It happens with puppies and babies. This is a lighthearted site, by the way. No need for flaming.

    • Murph's mom

      This is my puppy, Murphy. He is now a 90 pound lug. He, his sister Maggie, and their human brother keep me on my toes. I don’t blame him for having an accident, no more than I do the other two for having their accidents. At least 10 times a day I think I could be a better parent, to the two legged and four legged kids. But, hey, if you can’t laugh about stuff like this, you’re in trouble.


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