13 Responses to “Loud things scare me”

  1. Deanna Owens Arrington

    Haha! This is funny…..my rottweiler, Lea, is the same way! She’s fierce until I bring out the vacuum, and won’t walk past a baby gate unless I move it far out of the way! Must be a rottie thing! 😉

  2. Leslin

    My girl, though not a rottie, is the same!! We call her an overgrown baby! 😀 People think she is a ferocious tiger; only we know the truth!! loud noises, firecrackers, being alone when someone comes to the front gate.. she even gets scared if i clap my hands!!! oh these furbabies! 😀 😛

  3. Dee

    What a beauty! Loud noises scare my dogs too. Unfortunately most other noises make them bark.

  4. Holly

    My lab is scared of my heater, she won’t walk past the floor vents if it’s on. Even for food.

  5. Holly OBrien

    I have a scared Boxer. So funny. She runs from 3 year old girl, blowing wind, anything. My brother in law came over once when we weren’t here and he said both the dogs were getting jammed up on the stairs because they were both in such a hurry to run away! Love my furries!

  6. julia

    my shepherd is scared of the vacuum and fire crackers and thunder and god forbid if someone raises their voice…. but he still thinks he’s a big bad ass.

  7. Pinta's People

    Our Heeler girl is afraid of – cookie sheets (being removed from cupboard) Is afraid of plastic grocery bags stuck on bushes (they look like ghosties) We can not clap hardily, can not laugh loudly, and heaven forbid if we should wish to ‘discuss’ things in a stern tone! (ever tried to have a good argument in a calm whisper?) Oh and terrified of raindrops even one or two on a walk and we turn tail and run all the way home! (Give her a raging blizzard any day, no problem) And when the raccoon came in the dog door one night and was eating her food . . she refused to get off our bed until my husband locked it outdoors!
    It’s all ok if we have lovers not fighters hehe!


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