17 Responses to “Mommy, time for bed!”

  1. LauraC

    I wonder if there’s a sound coming from the tv, inaudible to the human ear, causing the dog to bark? Strange behavior, for sure!

  2. NPM

    Don’t worry
    sweet doggy, your Mommy can watch the shows the next day, when they are repeated on Comedy Central.

  3. Carole Tedesco

    Our Maggie sleeps like a rock until any show that we really want to watch comes on, no matter what time. Then it’s time for fun ear flapping and panting and scratching and flopping around, until the show is over. Thanks, Maggie!

  4. Sue

    I’ve got one of those too. Most nights about 9:30P, he starts whinning and being annoying. He won’t go to bed by himself but if I go to bed, he climbs in and calms right down.

  5. Brenda

    I would immediately report this behavior to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They need to do a DOGTV skit.

  6. Dana

    My hound stands in front of my face (like his nose is almost pressed against my glasses) and just STARES until I get up and move his bed into my husband’s and my bedroom. He often adds a dog sigh for dramatic effect. TIME FOR BED, MAMA.

  7. Sinjin

    LOL @ Dana’s doggy. My Pomeranian stands in front of me and kind of huff/barks at ten p.m. because SHE says it’s bedtime.

  8. Gina

    My Husky, Zim, would pace between the bedroom and hallway, and would stand in the middle of the hall and stare at me sitting on the couch. He had learned that until I turn off the computer, TV, and lights, my words of “I’ll be in in a few minutes” means nothing. And when he says I should go to bed, I should go to bed, even if it’s only 10:30 pm.

  9. Gena

    Huh. I did not know other dogs do this too. Lucy will paw at me with an intense look in her eye and then look at the bedroom door. She does this until I cave and go to bed. She won’t go alone. But she starts this at 8:30 pm! I know we get up early, but come on!


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