8 Responses to “Scary clouds”

    • Dog-Mom

      Clancy barks at the setting sun when it’s bright red. He also goes crazy with hot-air balloons.

  1. my 4 dogs♡

    I had a bad day today…and this one made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Molly's Mum

    I love that expression! My ACD also barks at clouds, but to this day we have not had a cloud come to our house and murder us in the face. The barks must be working!

  3. Pinta's People

    Too Funny! Is like our neighbor – She had a dobie – used to chase airplanes! 100’s of acres behind us and it would be running and barking for all it was worth! Only if an airplane above any size any altitude! And yet our girl will not chase anything with wings or higher than 6 foot!

  4. CT

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. I thought my rescued boy was the only one who did that, and he did it while I was telling someone that Pitbulls are absolutely not neurotic…”yes, he’s just gotten certified as a therapy dog, loves kids, other dogs, gets slapped around by cats, never even growled…he’s perfectly…” Gwwraaarrrarawhhwrrrrawhgaarlllll!!!!Gablaghh!!! “not big on clouds, though”.

  5. deb

    I have a Weim/Great Dane mix who is afraid of everything and will bark at them. Statues of people, wind blowing in the trees (and don’t even ask what happened if there was a plastic grocery bag caught up in the tree). But the best: when I needed to paint primer over a darkly colored wall. As I started painting on the primer, all of a sudden, I hear this low growl. I turn around and see my dog just staring and shaking and then barking…at the spot of primer on the wall. Hello. My name is deb and I have a shameful dog. (Who I love very much.)


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