4 Responses to “The best part of waking up”

  1. Star Bricker

    My Lil’ Squirt, a mini-doxie, has a slipped disc. Sometimes when he is really excited, or really soundly asleep, some falls out, too. Luckily we feed no-grain dogfood, and he is, well, a lil’ squirt, so it’s one of those things I just clean up without comment. I know he can’t help it, and he does feel bad.

  2. Anna

    We went through that awhile ago, but there were 5 dogs in the house and I wasn’t sure who the culprit was. Then someone commented to me that when she had long hair sometimes her dogs would ingest it off the floor when they ate something else, and it would keep their poop from falling all the way off. After that I started checking under tails when they came in from outdoors. Haven’t had any problems since!


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