7 Responses to “The Stairs Gave Me Away”

  1. Dee

    Looks like the pup needed a walk outside first…..what a cutie! Don’t be mad, he had his own business to attend to.

  2. Pat McDonald

    OMG – Tell Daddy to chill – it is poop and he can just pick it up and flush! You look like such a sweet baby, don’t be scared – tell Daddy to pay more attention to you or multi-task – watch you and talk on the phone! Us girls do it all the time – 🙂

  3. M. O'Donnell

    So you found time to make a sign, hang it round the puppy’s neck, find your camera and photograph Rocky before helping him down the stairs!! He is a puppy, for heavens’s sake. Take it in your stride, Dad!


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