20 Responses to “Thunderstruck!”

  1. Wendy Landry

    OMG too cute.. poor baby. I had a Lab mix who would put her head under the couch cushions.

    • Kim M.

      We had a Vizla/Golden Ret. mix that my husband got me to protect me on jogs. When she was 3 months old she knocked me on my butt running up the outside stairs after she heard a coyote howl from about a mile away!
      It pretty much defined the courage of this dog for the next 13 years of her life. She would hind behind the toilet during windstorms!

  2. Fishwife

    My big vicious pit bull rings her “going out” bells during thunderstorms then stands at the top of the basement stairs so she can go down during storms. For a while we thought she wanted to go out, so like an idiot I would stand in the yard getting poured on to coax her out. She just looked at me like, “Are you high? I’m not going out in this.”

  3. Diane Serra Fullan

    If you haven’t already tried, get him a crate, cover it with a blanket and put him in it when it storms. My collie is terrified of thunderstorms, guns, fireworks, you name it! I tried everything, thunder shirt, comfort zone diffuser, and even got meds from the vet to sedate her and nothing worked! I bought a crate for her a couple of weeks ago and covered it with an old blanket..as soon as she hears thunder she heads right into the crate and lays there calmly until the storm is over. It’s her safe place. Go figure!

  4. catie

    I don’t know why someone would get a border collie, wanting it to be a guard dog. As far as I know they’re bred to work with people (herding) so they should be friendly… glad he has a new home though 🙂

    • madisonpage

      BCs as guard dogs?!! That is one hilarious ignorance. That is like getting a Grey Hound as an attack dog. Ha!
      Used to foster a BC/King Charles mix. A great hunting and watch dog. Not afraid of anything.

  5. Muoi

    My border collie mix is a big chicken, too! Bless her though, she def puts up a front with lots of barking. Bailey is precious!

  6. Juls

    ThunderShirt didn’t work on Bear, my lab/chow mix who becomes a 60-lb quaking lapdog during thunderstorms. Finally the vet prescribed Xanax (for Bear, not me 🙂 ). That works like a charm as long as I check the weather maps and give it to him about an hour before the storm hits.

  7. Grumpy

    Check the job description, being fierce and brave during a thunder storm isn’t on the list.

  8. Carolyn

    I used to have an Australian Shepherd. During thunderstorms, she would always jump in the middle of our bed and pant so hard that she just drooled and slobbered everywhere. What a soggy mess – especially if we weren’t home when the storm hit! Hiding under the dishwasher door is not such a bad option, in my opinion.

  9. Lisa

    I agree, try a thunder shirt. I had a GSD that was terrified of thunder storms. The thunder shirt did not make her fears go away (I still had to hold her) but she was much calmer.

  10. Barbara

    We sit with our dog during storms – when we are home, of course. We drape IKEA blankets over the ends of sofas so she has a safe refuge if we are away when something scares her.


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