15 Responses to “Too many cupcakes…”

  1. jennifer

    My lab mix would eat EVERYTHING! But the larger the dog the more chocolate they can tolerate so make sure you call your vet because you may not have to induce vomiting, depending on how much cocoa content the item had….

  2. Francisco Cano

    I’m not proud of it but I was distracted once and left a whole bag of Hershey kisses on the coffee table. My black lab bear ate the whole bag in the 45 seconds it took me to get a soda. On the plus side i know for about a week straight which poop was his at the dog park…it was shiny!

  3. Anna Christie

    Before we knew that chocolate was toxic to dogs our Golden ate an entire giant chocolate easter bunny, box and all. The only thing left was the plastic from the front of the box. Nothing happened to her. Which, now that I know how dangerous chocolate is to dogs, can only mean that those bunnies are not made with much chocolate, if any!

  4. Linda

    Came home one night to find that my two collies had eaten a whole bag of chocolate covered coffee beans! No ill effects, but they were spun!! Crazy time at the dog park that night!


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