13 Responses to “Trishie the Terrible”

    • Bri

      Oof! Your Trishie looks a lot like my Tinker, who is a rescue Schauzer-type mix. Do you know her pedigree?

  1. Nay

    Lunging to play, Trishie girl? Or did one of those ankle biters do something to you first?

  2. dogsleder

    Once at PetsMart a kid wanted to “pet” my medium-sized dog so he ran up and whacked him on the head. Rufus growled and the kid’s mother yelled at me that my dog was “vicious.” I calmly asked her why her child wasn’t on a leash.

    • Sinjin

      Good job dogsledder on calling her out on her spechul snoflayk 🙂 I have a teacup Pomeranian who also lunges at small children. She’s a 2 time rescue (I’m her 3rd and FINAL home) so I’m certain there was some problem some bratty crotch fruit caused her. She only does it when they lunge at her face first though. Other than that, she’ll lick them if they’re calm and nice to her.

    • Tiina

      Gotta love kids. There was just an incident in my neighbourhood in which an 8 yo girl asked to pet a doberman. She tehnjumped out from behind a low wall and grabbed the dogs ears. Unsurprisingly the dog bit her in the face. My friend saw it happen and said she felt sorry for the owner and the dog, because it was not their fault. So, I completely understand why dogs fear children. They are unpredictable and move in spurts.

  3. Sandy

    It’s okay Trishie — children are confusing and potentially scary. See Dog Sense by John Bradshaw on why dogs may not understand that children are just small humans.

  4. Erin

    Trishie looks an awful like my Willoughby. It is OK not to like children, Trishie, but your mom needs to keep them away from you so you don’t bully them.

  5. Tiina

    My Viola is almost identical to your Trishie. Look at those eyes!!!!!
    If kids run, shout, skateboard… exist in her vicinity, she will lunge.


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