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  1. abudoggie

    That’s so funny! When I was in high school, about a thousand years ago, my best friend’s Weimaraner, Star, at an entire chicken from the sink, plastic bag and all. Here I am still telling the story! *lol*

  2. Diddyskipper

    Must be a Wei thing, mine also had a whole chicken off the counter. He was also not sorry!

  3. Amy B-C

    One Passover, my Brindle mutt, ate the five pound brisket we made for the ceremonial dinner. She was very happy. We were very hungry that night.

  4. catie

    When I was a kid, my mom made cinnemon buns and left them on the counter to cool. We went out to feed our goats and when we came back in, the plate was upside down on the floor, empty of course. I have no idea how our German shepherd mix got them, but I’m sure she enjoyed them!

  5. c reeves

    Wow— thought our 1st schnauzer (bless/rest his soul) story was bad. He ate a knee high and let’s just say it did not come out well in the end. (sorry for the pun)

  6. heymidnite@yahoo.com

    We had to order Chinese food for Thanksgiving one year because our German Short Hair was able to reach up to the kitchen island, grabbed the turkey that just came out of the oven and before we could stop her she ran to the backyard with it in her mouth and hid behind the pool waterfall that neither my parents nor I could fit behind… needless to say she and her two partners in crime my jack russel and puggle had a wonderful dinner….

  7. TiredGeezerLady

    Basia must have been cold from the inside out for a long time after that! And how do you digest a plastic bag? Best, for several reasons, to defrost in the fridge, as recommended!

  8. Grumpy

    The look on his face shows he remembers all too well the day after and how the plastic came out.


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